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Looking for a unique gift? Send a meal gift!

Meal gifts are perfect for many occasions

Roasted Turkey and Gravy Meal DeliveryFor many different occasions, sending a meal is an appropriate gift. Whether your friend, loved one or co-worker is welcoming a newborn into their family or whether they are grieving, providing a meal is an American tradition and a way to show you are thinking about them. Not sure which kind of food your loved one would enjoy? No problem. With a MealGifts.com gift card your recipient can choose their preferred meal gift from our selection. The varying gift card options cover the price of each level package plus shipping costs.

Our pre-cooked meals are easy to prepare

Our meal gift options are chef-prepared in a USDA-approved gourmet kitchen. When the meal arrives at your recipient's location, it is packaged in an insulated cooler with simple heating instructions. Your recipient can enjoy their gift after warming the delicious meals or they can store them in the freezer for another day.

Make an impression with our gourmet meals by mail

Chicken Noodle Soup food giftsFrom the moment your recipient receives their meal gift, they will be impressed with our custom packaging. The fresh flavor of our meals will leave your recipient wondering how their meal was ever frozen! We make sure your recipient will enjoy and remember this remarkable experience from the moment they receive their gift, to the end of their nourishing and delicious meal.

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