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Our happy customers

My first purchase was a success. The ordering process was efficient, the delivery was on time and the presentation was very neat. The recipient sent me photos. Most importantly my loved one who is recovering from surgery, loved it. She said the food tasted great and it was so helpful to her situation. We will most definitely be ordering from you all again. It's not everyday something goes this smoothly and successfully. Great job!

-Tasha H, West Virginia

We sent some lasagna to the family of a friend at work. His words, "We eat a lot of Italian and that was one of the best lasagnas we've had". Thought I would share!

- Heather B., Virginia

Your service is such a great sentiment and our associates have enjoyed the meals received.  Thanks so much!

- Jill W., South Carolina

I heard from the family, and they were very complimentary about the food--especially the soup! Thank you so much.

- Jennifer B., California

I sent a meal to my 3 elderly aunts who are out of town. They live together and were experiencing a series of medical ailments between the 3 of them. They were so surprised and delighted with the meal delivery! They decided to save it for Sunday dinner because it was such a nice meal, and they went on and on about how much they enjoyed it. Thank you for helping me treat my aunts from a distance!

- Jessica L., Tennessee 

We received the chicken marsala after we had our 2nd child this summer. The meal came frozen which was perfect for us because we had family in town that were helping us out and we didn't need the meal right away. When everyone left and our help was gone, it was so great to have one less thing to think about and prepare. We were able to quickly thaw the chicken, green beans, breadsticks and pie. It was easy to heat up and we even had leftovers!

- Kristin M., Illinois

I'm part of a large group of friends scattered throughout the country. We recently had a friend who was recovering after surgery, and needed some longer term help. This site has been fantastic to help provide him with meals, and the personnel have worked to make sure this process has worked seamlessly. Our friend got meals delivered each week, was able to call in to request his next order when it was convenient for him, and he really enjoyed the food received. I highly recommend this company to anyone, near or far who wants to send a meal to anyone. It's a great service! Thank you for being here!

- Melody G., Indiana

I just sent a meal to my parents—I loved that I could help them from 2,000 miles away!

-Colleen G., California

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