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How MealGifts.com Works

At MealGifts.com, we deliver chef-prepared meal gifts everywhere in the continental United States! Here's how it works…

You Shop

You ShopChoose a meal from our menu of options ranging from a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup to a feast of Double Beef Burgundy with sides, bread and dessert. Our meals serve anywhere from 4 to 12 servings and are delicious, nourishing pre-cooked meals that are easy to prepare once they arrive. If you are not sure which type of meal your recipient would prefer, we offer Gift Cards that will cover packages of any size.

When placing your order, you can provide a ship date and your recipient's contact information or you can request that we contact the recipient to arrange the delivery of the meal. We make it very easy for both you and your recipient.

We Cook

We PrepareOur meals are cooked in a USDA-certified kitchen by gourmet chefs. Many of the meals are prepared Sous Vide style which is a French method of cooking that preserves the nutrition and flavor in the food before it is served. The meals are then flash frozen and packaged into an insulated delivery box with dry ice and shipped to your recipient.

We Deliver

We DeliverOur meals are delivered by FedEx and our team will ensure the package arrives on a day that is convenient for your recipient. Unless you select a specific delivery date, our team will contact your recipient to verify the shipping address and make sure the arrival date works with their schedule. If they'd prefer to delay the shipment, we are happy to schedule the meal for a future date.

They Enjoy

They EnjoyThe meals arrive in a beautifully packaged insulated container and each of the dishes are easy to warm. Detailed instructions are included with each meal and the majority of the dishes are ready to enjoy in less than 30 minutes.

We are proud of how delicious and wonderful our meals are and are very pleased with the feedback we receive from customers. Get started today by selecting the perfect meal gift for your loved one.

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