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Celebrate their new home purchase

Young FamilyYou’ve just helped a family purchase their dream home. Months of touring houses, negotiating deals, managing inspections and the time has finally come to hand the keys over to the new happy homeowners. It’s a day to be celebrated and the family will likely remember you for years as the one that helped their dream come true.

Want to set them off on the right foot? Help the memory making begin immediately! Congratulate them with a Meal Gift to be enjoyed as their first family dinner in their new home.

With MealGifts.com you can order a pre-cooked gourmet meal gift that will arrive at the families home in an insulated container. The food will be easy for the family to warm up and prepare in less than 30 minutes.

You can choose a gift of varying serving sizes and entrees from our website, share the recipients contact information, then we will contact the family to arrange the best day to deliver the meal. The meals range in sizes from 4 - 12 servings and some options even come with an appetizer or dessert. There will be plenty of food for left overs while they are unpacking all their boxes.

Get started to day with a gourmet meal gift for your friends to enjoy.

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