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What to send instead of flowers

Posted on October 27, 2015

Most will agree that flowers are beautiful and are a nice gift to give for a number of occasions. What flowers lack are a practical use which is why some view flowers as a wasted gift.  Flowers are expensive and will start to wither after a few short days of enjoying their beauty.

But what do you send besides flowers?

When people are going through a life event, such as a birth, an illness or the loss of a loved one, there is little time for meal planning and nutrition tends to suffer. The gift of food is always appropriate for any gift occasion and food is always a helpful gift. We all need to eat!

Not only are you able to show someone you care with the gift of food, but you are also providing a nourishing meal to someone that may have not been able to prepare meals for themselves or their family.

If you are unable to prepare and/or take the meal yourself, you can always send a nourishing, family-style meal through MealGifts.com.  We offer a wide selection of comforting meals the entire family will enjoy and we can deliver anywhere in the continental United States.

Flowers are beautiful but a meal will always be a helpful and useful gift that shows you care.

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