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Graduation Gift Ideas

Posted on June 02, 2015

It’s that time of year again. Students are donning their graduation caps and gowns and preparing for that legendary walk across the stage in anticipation of receiving the diploma they’ve worked so hard for.

This also means it’s the time of year for graduation gifts. If you’re looking to give your graduate something a little different from the usual card full of money we’ve got you covered with a few suggestions that any graduate, young or old, is sure to enjoy.

*Champagne basket: Graduation is definitely an accomplishment to celebrate. If you’re looking to purchase a gift for a college grad then this is just the ticket. Grab your favorite (or theirs, if you know it) bottle of champagne, pick up some fun flutes, and toss in a few small bottles of mixers such as a variety of juices, and you’re well on your way to a bubbly basket fit for a celebration. It’s simple and it’s celebratory.

*Tool kit: Every new graduate needs their very own tool kit. Whether they’ll be living on their own, sharing a dorm room, or squeezing into shared apartment, there’s always an occasion that calls for the right tool. From basic repairs to IKEA furniture assembly, a basic tool kit will cover the necessary bases. Perfectly practical in every way.

*Meal Gift: The gift of food is always a great choice. Why not kick it up a notch, and take it a step beyond a typical fruit basket, and send your favorite graduate a complete meal, courtesy of Meal Gift. This is a particularly great gift if your graduate is heading off to college for the first time, living on their own (with access to an oven or stove), and will be away from mom’s home cooking.

*Book of gift cards: If your graduate is heading to college next, find out what restaurants or stores are nearby and pick up a few gift cards in lower denominations and put them together to make a book of gift cards. Nearby book stores, restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores, home furnishers, and gas stations are all great options for a gift card. 

*Noise-cancelling headphones: High school grads and college grads headed right into a post-grad program will definitely appreciate a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. When it comes time to study in a library or other public place, or in a home or dorm room that is shared with other people, noise-cancelling headphones provide an extra measure of solitude to help keep the wearers focus on studying or whatever other school-related project is on the menu.

*Luggage: A small suitcase or quality overnight bag is a great gift for a high school grad. It will make packing for weekend trips back home a breeze. You may also want to throw in a travel laundry bag, since they’ll likely bring their dirty clothes back home for mom.

*Digital subscription: If your graduate is engaged with technology, they probably rely on things like their smartphones or computers for most everything, including reading. Consider investing in a membership to a digital library for the grad to give them access to digital and audio books that they can read or listen to when they’re not buried in textbooks. Services such as Audible provide a set number of titles that can be “rented” per month. Or, if you want to give the digital gift of movie entertainment, you can always gift a subscription to Netflix and provide the graduate with an abundance of movies and television series available for immediate streaming.

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