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Sympathy gift for the loss of a pet

Posted on March 25, 2015

Many people who have a beloved pet in their life share an intense bond with that animal. Often a pet is not just “a dog” or “a cat,” but a treasured member of a family. So when a pet dies, feelings of loss and devastation are quite common. While some may struggle to understand the depth of feeling that someone has had for a pet, the grieving process is real and it can take time for someone to come to terms with the loss of a precious animal friend that was a part of their family.

It can be hard to know how to relate to a friend who has lost a pet. Whether you understand their feelings of loss and grief or not, it is always hard to see a friend or loved one dealing with loss and its natural to want to help. But how?

Send your friend a card to let them know that you’re thinking of them, or drop them a text or give them a call to check in on them and offer any assistance. They may want to be left alone or they may appreciate some company to keep their mind off their recent loss. Ask if they’d mind a visit and offer to bring a homemade meal or pick up some take out.

If you don’t live near your grieving friend, arrange a video call in lieu of stopping by their house and have a Meal Gift delivered so you can enjoy a virtual meal together. They’ll get the benefit of a home-cooked-style meal, as well as the pleasure of your company, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. They can put the meal together and heat it up right then and there and reminisce with you about their beloved pet or keep their mind on other things with a discussion about pop culture or the latest movie to hit the theaters. You can enjoy a glass of wine together via your internet connection and toast their animal friend.

Or if you’re just planning a quick chat, they can save it for another night when their not feeling up to cooking something for themselves or their family.There’s a variety of meal options to choose from as well as meal sizes to fit any family’s head count. It’s truly a gift that says that you care.

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