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Welcome Someone Home with a Meal Gift

Posted on March 11, 2015

There are few things better than returning to the comfort of your own home after being away. Whether it’s a few days out of town on a business trip, a week away visiting family or taking a vacation, or months away on a military deployment, nothing compares to coming home. Except, coming home and not having to worry about preparing a meal for dinner.

If you want to show a friend or loved one that you’re thinking about them, or simply welcome them back home, sending a Meal Gift to be delivered on the day of their return is the perfect gift.

After spending several nights away from home while away on business, it’s a welcome surprise for the business man or woman to be able to return home and have a meal ready to go. They can spend the evening settling back in and unpacking. If you’re sending a meal gift to a family whose husband or wife has been away, the spouse at home will surely be glad to have a ready-made meal to pop in the oven so they can spend some quality time with their partner who has just returned.

Those who have been away for leisure for a week or more are likely returning home to an empty refrigerator (or a refrigerator full of leftovers they shouldn’t be eating). Welcoming them home with a home-cooked meal, ready to heat and eat, is a thoughtful gesture. It allows the person, or family, to relax and get back into their normal routine without having to worry about making a quick trip to the grocery store or ordering sub-par take-out food.

For the military family welcoming home a deployed service member, not having to worry about preparing a meal for the night of the return will be a relief. Emotions run high and the family has been preparing for the day for quite some time. Taking meal preparation out of the equation is one less thing the partner at home will need to be concerned with. Perhaps he or she can use that extra time not planning a meal and purchasing the ingredients to do some extra cleaning to get the house ready or spend more time getting themselves or the kids all dolled up for the homecoming. Once the service member and the family have returned home, they can soak up the quality time together, rather than having one member of the family in the kitchen preparing a meal.

Sending a Meal Gift is a great way to welcome anyone home, for any occasion. Check out our variety of meal options and give us a call at 888.994.7401. We’ll walk you through the process and have a delicious, home-cooked meal on its way to welcome someone home before you know it.





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