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A Fun Get Well Gift

Posted on March 02, 2015

Tis the season for viruses and other nasty little buggers. If you have a friend or loved one who is suffering from something temporary such as the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, or just a bad cold, or a more serious illness that is long-term or chronic, a great way to lift their spirits is to arrange for an at-home spa day.

Since going out to the local health spa isn’t an option at the moment, bring the spa to them. Schedule a masseuse to come by the home and provide them with a relaxing chair massage with essential oils to aid in the healing process, and you may also be able to find an at-home manicurist or pedicurist to stop by to pamper your friend’s nails.

If that’s outside your means, you can take on the tasks yourself. Something as simple as a neck massage with a little coconut oil will do wonders for someone feeling under the weather. Whip them up a cup of hot tea to sip on and play some relaxing music. If you’re so inclined, you can take on a manicure and pedicure yourself by having your friend soak their feet in the bathtub with some bubbles to add some relaxation and then put a fresh coat of pretty polish on their fingernails and toenails.

Most drugstores also sell at-home facials or masks. Grab one for yourself and your friend and see who looks best with their face covered in green goo. Don’t forget to pick up some of your favorite magazines to share and discuss and stay hydrated with some water infused with lemon or other fruits.

Top the day off with a delicious meal that you’ve prepared, or let yourself off the hook and order a Meal Gift to be delivered to the house that you can prepare and enjoy with your friend. Nothing gets the body on the road to wellness more quickly than a little relaxation and pampering followed by a hearty meal. Or if your friend or loved one has a family to take care of, help ease the burden of their illness by ordering a Meal Gift for the family to enjoy after you leave for the day.

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