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Last Minute Gift Idea

Posted on February 20, 2015

Perhaps time has slipped your mind and you suddenly realize it’s a certain someone’s birthday tomorrow. Or maybe you have a wedding or a birthday to attend this weekend and no time to pick up a present. Rather than grabbing a generic gift card or picking up something on the fly that you’re not even sure your recipient will like, consider sending them a meal gift from MealGifts.com.

A Meal Gift provides your friend or loved one with a delicious, home-style meal prepared in our USDA approved kitchen. Whether the gift is intended for a neighbor or a family member across the country, distance is not an issue when sending a Meal Gift.

Meals arrive in 1-3 days depending on the destination. However, when you place your order, you have the option to have a representative from MealGifts.com call your recipient to set up a convenient day for delivery. So procrastinators and forgetful friends can send a thoughtful gift at the last minute without having to include a “belated birthday” message or “sorry this is late” message as part of your personalized note included with the Meal Gift.

Select from a variety of meal options that best fit the intended recipient’s taste. Meals can be selected to serve 4-6 people or a larger group of 8-12. Options range from classics such as lasagna and pot roast to beef burgundy and chicken marsala. You also have the option to select a meal that includes soup and dessert.

When the meal arrives, your friend or loved one can warm it up and enjoy it right away, or save it in the freezer to enjoy at another time. For the same price as a flower arrangement or gift basket, your recipient will receive a complete meal they can enjoy without the trouble of planning and preparing a meal or making a trip to the grocery store.

Sending the gift of time is invaluable and a great gift option when you’re short on time or need a last minute gift idea.



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