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Making Food a Part of Your Baby Registry

Posted on February 09, 2015

Creating your baby registry is fun and exciting but it can also be slightly overwhelming. It can be difficult to determine which items are necessary to have on hand for your new baby and which would be a nice convenience or accessory. Amidst your internal struggle to decide between bamboo cotton vs combed cotton receiving blankets, yellow or green onesies, or Pampers vs Huggies, take a moment to think about yourself.

As a parent, it is natural to put your child(ren) first, whether you’ve got a couple of young ones or you’re about to bring your first bundle of joy into the world. And, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s also important to remember yourself amongst it all. So, while creating a baby registry is 99.99% about selecting items for your baby, or items to help you care for your baby, you can also throw a thing or two onto the registry that you’ll benefit from.

Enter: MealGifts.com

The hustle and bustle that follows the welcoming of a new baby into the family is exciting but things can also get hectic. Juggling a newborn with no concern for a schedule, feedings, naps, lack of naps, laundry, occasional moments to steal a shower, etc., is tough work. Often the last thing on your mind is preparing a warm and well-rounded meal for yourself and your family.

Make things easier on everyone by adding some MealGifts.com meals to your baby registry. This will ensure that you’ve got a selection of delicious meals to choose from on those days when thawing something out/pulling it out of the fridge and heating something up is about all you have the energy to do. Rather than waiting until the last minute when you’re starving and you reach for something quick, easy and potentially unhealthy, you can instead enjoy a full meal that tastes like something you would put together yourself if you had the time and the energy to do so.

To add items such as MealGifts.com meals to your registry, consider utilizing a baby registry service such as BabyLi.st or Amazon.com where you can add items from any store to your baby registry.

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