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A Sympathy Gift for the Whole Family

Posted on February 09, 2015

When someone faces a loss, they rarely do it alone. If your friend has lost a spouse, it’s likely their children have lost a parent, siblings have lost a brother or sister and in some cases, parents have lost a child.

In times of grief and distress, families come together, often staying together in the same house, or spending lots of time together doing the necessary tasks involved with a death such as funeral planning, visitations and the like.

Additionally, when someone faces a loss, guests may come in from out of town to stay with them, which can add more stress to an already difficult situation as the bereaved attempts to take care of themselves while making sure all the guests are accommodated as well.

So when you’re considering sending a sympathy gift, you may be wondering what will be best for an entire family, or what might help the grieving deal with their situation or take something off their plate.

One of the best options for sympathy gifts is, of course, food. When people have large families, or are hosting out of town guests and family, make sure your gift of food is enough to feed everyone. Large casseroles and big pots of soup are great, but if you’re far away, or aren’t inclined to cook or you just don’t want your presence to interfere in this deeply personal time, consider sending them the Sympathy Food family meal package.

This meal package can feed 8-12 people with a vegetarian and meat lasagna, tomato florentine soup, green beans, garlic bread and an entire pecan pie. Imagine how relieved your loved one will feel knowing that they don’t have to cook for a whole house full of people. The meals will arrive on dry ice and can be heated up right away in less than half an hour or frozen for a night when they know they’ll have guests.

Although everyone deals with grief differently, they generally don’t grieve alone. Send a meal delivery that will let the whole family know you’re thinking of them and that you’re here to help.

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